Sentinel Chicken Reports

The Department of Health, Western Australia manages a Sentinel Chicken Program across the northern two-thirds of Western Australia for the surveillance of Murray Valley encephalitis and West Nile (Kunjin subtype) virus diseases.  12 chickens are housed in pens at strategic locations and populations centres to provide an early warning system of disease surveillance.  The chickens are cared for by local residents and Local Government staff.  Blood samples are collected from the wing vein of the Sentinel Chickens on a fortnightly basis and the samples are sent to our laboratory at PathWest in Perth.  The blood is analysed for the presence of mosquito-borne diseases allowing the Department of Health the ability to proactively release media statements warning the public about identified viruses in the north of the State and the proactive measures they can take to reduce their chance of becoming infected with these debilitating diseases.

The Arbovirus Surveillance menu provides Local Governments that form part of the Sentinel Chicken Program acces to the latest data on mosquito-borne diseases detected within our Sentinel Chicken Flocks.

Gaia - Sentinel Chicken menus

Sentinel Chicken Report menus

Please Note: This system is currently under construction and will be available in due course.

Three types of reports will be available under the Arbovirus Surveillance menu including:

  • Sentinel Chicken – Map View – an interactive map of Sentinel Chicken Flocks across Western Australia for a quick review of the current status and location of flocks;
  • Sentinel Chicken – Chicken Profile – allowing a review of the status of a single chicken within the program; and
  • Sentinel Chicken – Flock Seroconversions – allowing graphical views of a flock and the number and date of confirmation of a mosquito-borne disease.

Further information and detailed User Manual pages will be updated upon completion of the Sentinel Chicken workflow. To be released in 2017.