Complaint Summary Report

The Public Complaint Summary report is an interactive report that allows you to review all of the public complaints recorded in your area.  This option can be selected from the Reports tab, by choosing the Complaint Summary Report function.

Gaia - Complaint Summary Report menu

Selecting the Complaint Summary Report function from the Report menu

The Public Complaint Summary Report allows you to filter complaints based on:

  • CLAG’s;
  • LG;
  • Financial year; and
  • Insect type.

The report is large, and has two main components; the filter fields and the results, as shown below (in a zoomed out version of the report).


The full Public Complaint Summary form

To start, click on the Reports menu and choose “Complaint Summary”.

In the upper part of the screen (shown below), you can firstly choose your CLAG from the list of CLAGs provided.  This can only be completed if you have formed a CLAG with the Department of Health.  Only select a CLAG if you want to look at Public complaints across multiple Local Governments, otherwise choose your Local Government Authority from the LGA field.

Public Complaint Summary - CLAG

Choosing a CLAG for generating the Public Complaints Summary report

Secondly, you can choose your Local Government Authority or Local Governments within a CLAG to generate a summary of the complaints within those Local Governments.

Public Complaint Summary - LGA

Choose your Local Government Authority from the list to generate the Complaints Summary report

Thirdly, you need to choose the financial year for the report.  Financial years are listed from most recent to oldest in the drop down list.  Choose the financial year of interest.

Public Complaint Summary - Financial year

Choose the financial year of interest from the list to generate the Complaints Summary report

Lastly, select the insect group/s of interest for the report.  In this instance all insect groups have been selected.

Public complaint summary - insect groups

Select the insect groups of interest from the list to generate the Complaints Summary report

You can, as with most of the forms and reports in the site, use the Shift or Control keys to make multiple selections in the fields here.


The Public Complaint report filter component

Once you have the filter parameters set, you can then press the Filter button to have the lower half of the screen – the results – refresh with the selected results.  This is shown below for an example, with the “Chart” tab highlighted.  The selected Local Governments are listed across the top of the chart along with the financial year selected to generate the report.

 Public complaints - chart

Public Complaints results – Chart view

You can switch between tables of data (“Summary”) and graphs (“Chart”) results by clicking on the “Summary” and “Chart” tabs at the top left of the results section.

Public complaints - chart - Summary - chart tabs

Switch between tables of results and graphs by clicking between the Summary and Chart tabs

You will note that you can also download Chart data as an XLSX format Microsoft Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the Download XLSX button at the top right of the Chart.

Public complaints - chart - download to XLSX

Download the data to an excel spreadsheet by clicking on the Download XLSX button.  This will generate a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that lists all Public Complaints within the selected LGA and within the set time frame.

Public Complaint Summary - Excel download

Download of public complaints into Microsoft Excel

Similarly, you can save the chart out as an image by clicking on the blue Save as Image button.

Public complaints - chart - Save as Image

The Save as Image button

By Clicking the Save as Image button, the chart will open in your default browser and you will be able to save the image or modify the image based on the default browser settings.

Public Complaint Summary - Save as Image chart

Output from the Save as Image button

If you use the “Summary” tab in the results section, the results are presented in a tabulated format.  The public complaints are recorded for each month against the selected Local Governments.  We have also provided summary totals of public complaints each month across the bottom of the table and a Grand total for the financial year as the last column in the table.

 Public complaints summary - Table

Public Complaints Summary Matrix

The Local Governments listed in the report can be expanded to provide a list of suburbs within that LGA and allows the public complaints to be detailed at the suburb level.  To open and close the suburbs list, just click on the Local Government of interest within the table to open and close the suburb lists.

Public complaint Summary - Suburb table expanded

Public Complaint Summary results with suburbs expanded for the Shire of Harvey

These results are also downloadable as an XLSX format Microsoft Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the blue Download to XLSX button.  This function will produce the same table in excel as it would from the Chart view above.

Public complaints summary - Table - download to XLSX

Download to XLSX button

You can also see the Public Complaints Map for more information on the spatial locations of public complaints.