Complaint Map

Public Complaint reports can be generated by choosing Complaint Map from the Reports menu.

Gaia - Complaint Map report menu

Selecting the Complaint Map report

The Public Complaint Map (or Distribution Report) has a two-stage procedure for generating a map of public complaints in your area.

This is done firstly by choosing your Local Government Authority.  In this field only the Local Governments that you have a login for are displayed.  If you are part of a Contiguous Local Authority Group, you will also have the option of choosing all LGA’s that form part of your CLAG. In the example below, the LGA’s that form the Swan/Canning CLAG have been chosen including Canning, Melville, Perth and South Perth.

Public Complaint - choose LGAs

Choosing LGAs for Public Complaint mapping

Secondly, the likely Insect causing the public complaint is chosen.  If you want a report for all insect groups, select them all in the field, if you want a report on one specific insect group, only select that one insect group.  In the example below, all insect groups have been chosen.

Public complaint - insect group

Choose the insect group for the report

Lastly, you can choose the Start and End date (as shown below) to limit the period at which public complaints were made.

Public complaint - select date range

Choose the date range for the public complaint report

Once you have chosen your dates, press the “Select” button.  This form allows you to be able to also do multiple selects, by holding down the Shift or Control keys.


The Public Complaints filter form

Once the “Select” button is chosen, the map will them appear, and will default to the extent of the Public Complaints that you have selected in your search, as shown below.

Public Complaint - map report

The Public Complaints Map

The legend under the distribution map shows you the insect groups used to generate the report.  The tick boxes in front of each category can be switched on or off by clicking on the tick boxes, to modify the report by turning groups of insects on or off.  Please note: this function is only available if multiple insect groups are selected when choosing the data to display in the report.

Public complaint - toggles

The toggles for Ticks and Mites and Midges have been turned off on this report

Individual points on the public complaints map can be examined by clicking on an individual record.  When you click on a point, a dialogue box opens and provides a summary of the details associated with that specific public complaint.

Public complaint - site details

Summary information is available by clicking on individual points on the map

You can access the full public complaint record and edit the information by clicking on the blue Edit menu.

Public complaint - edit menu

Click on the Edit menu to change details about a public complaint

By clicking the Edit button, you will be taken to the Public Complaint record and can change any information currently stored in the record.

Public complaint - edit page

Public Complaint record page

From here, you can also then download the data that generated this map as an XLSX Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file.  Click on the Download XLSX button on the top right corner of the distribution map to download the data to Excel.

Public complaint - excel link

Click the Download XLSX button

The data will open in a Microsoft Excel file with each record in a row and the various fields in columns.  The download function allows you to analyse the data.

Public Complaint data download

Microsoft Excel report based on the data selected in the Public Complaint Map report