Chemicals – Stock Report

The Stock Report is a simple tool to be able to look at the chemicals that are held by either your own LGA, or the LGAs that make up your grouping (e.g. the CLAG group) or, if you are the State Administrators, across the State.


The Stock Report item in the menu

The stock report is a very simple report, that simply lists all of the stock in a table, so you can see the values – but you can’t edit or modify them, as shown below.  To do any of that editing, use the Chemicals – Review, Add or Use entry under Monitoring.  If you have no stock in the system, the stock report will simply say that there is “No data available in table”.


A sample Chemical Stock Report, showing results for a collection of LGAs that share data

You can also search the table using the simple search function at the top right of the page.