Release Notes

This page lists the main releases for the Medical Entomology module of the Atlas of Environmental Health.

May, 2017

The May, 2017 updates (funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria, and Gaia Resources) included the addition of several new modules, on both the web and mobile tools.  This includes:

  • A larval reporting module,  mirroring the same reporting that we use in the adult mosquito reporting,
  • Modification to the Larval Monitoring workflow to add a spot treatment tab and associated reporting enhancements,
  • Integration with the Bureau of Meteorology, bringing in data from nearby weather stations against your adult trapping and larval dipping records,
  • Filtering enhancements, so that the Review Records screen becomes more useful,
  • An export data function, meaning that you can extract all the data from the system at will, and
  • A new set of basic functions to manage chemical stocks and report on them.

A new set of mobile tools that also incorporate this are being released for the Android and iOS platforms during this release period.