My Account


The My Account menu allows you to look at information about your account on the website.  It is selected from the list of menus in the blue header.

My Account menu

Selecting the My Account menu

In this section you can change your password, or log out of the system.

Change Password

You can change your password using the form provided under the My Account menu (shown below).  This requires you to enter your old password and then enter a new password (twice, so that they match) and press the Update Password button.

The Change Password form

Once you have clicked on the Update Password button you will receive a dialogue that shows you that it was successful.


The successful password change dialogue

If you forget your password before you are logged in, you can change it – see the Getting Started page for details of how to reset your password.

Please note: all staff within a single Local Government Authority are provided with the same username and password.  When you change the password you may need to inform everyone in your team that the password has changed.

Logging Out

Once you have finished using the system, you can log out of the website by clicking on the “My Account” menu in the header and choosing the “Logout” option, or you can click on the “Logout” button in the top right of the screen, as shown below.

Logout image

Methods to Logout of the site