Chemicals – Review, Add or Use

A new component of the latest (May, 2017) build of the Atlas is the new chemical management functionality.

The Review, Add or Use menu entry is the starting point for managing your chemical stock in a very simplistic manner.


The new Review, Add or Use menu under Chemicals

When you choose this menu at the start, and for the first time, you will be faced with a blank table, a lot like this one below (but with your own LGA’s name on the heading, instead of a State as is shown here).


An example blank stock screen


Adding new product

To start with, you will need to start by adding new products to the stock management, by clicking the button above and then working through your stock, one chemical at a time (you only need to do this once at the start of the process).  If you subsequently have a new product that you want to manage, you also use this process.


The Add New Product screen

The Add New Product screen lets you add the following information:

  • Product (mandatory) – the name of the product from the list that is provided,
  • When (mandatory) – the date that you are adding the new product,
  • Initial quantity – the quantity of the product that you are adding (the units are listed after the product name),
  • Officer Name (mandatory) – your name (if you are adding it – as LGAs will share accounts between staff), and
  • Comments – any comments you wish to add.

Once you are done entering this, just press “Save” to store the information in the Atlas.

Using or Editing Chemicals

We have built some basic chemical use functionality in the Larval Monitoring component, where you can do basic spot treatments.  This has been built in such a way that it also interacts with the chemical stock levels, so if you use a chemical in this basic spot treatment, the chemical stock will be reduced as you use the stock.  However, since we don’t have the full treatment workflows in the system at this point, you will need to manage your chemical stocks manually by Using or Editing the existing stock levels.

Once you have stock in the system, the original table will change to show options to add, use and remove stock from the system, as below.


The Stock management table with additional controls showing

To adjust your chemical stocks, you need to choose to either Add, Use or Remove the item by clicking on the coloured icons.

  • Add Stock – will take you to the same sort of screen as “Add New Product”, but you can only add an additional quantity of chemical,
  • Use Stock – will again take you to the same sort of screen – but note that there is a new field – “Reason for removal” that lists options as to why you’re removing this stock (see below)
  • Remove Stock Item – will remove the entry totally from the system – but only if the stock levels are Zero!


The Use Stock page, showing Reasons for Removal

More functionality around the interactions between the stock management component and other areas of the Atlas are planned for future enhancements.