Review Records

You are able to review records stored within your Local Government Area.  To do this, you need to click on the Monitoring menu and select Review Records from the drop down menu.

Monitoring - Review records

Selecting the Review Records menu

When you first click on the Review Records menu item, you are taken to a page that has a search box, and a listing of all of your records below it, listed in date order (i.e. the newest are at the top), as shown below.  This will only show you the records you own, not all of the records in the system (you cannot edit other people’s records).


The Review Records screen

From here, you can search for a particular trap or suburb location to limit the listing of records you have under the search box.  To do this, you can type any part of the trap name or suburb into the box, and press the Search button. In the example below, we have requested records in Carnarvon.

Review records search function

The list of records when using the search bar function

You can also filter the results of the search by a date range – and you can even in this case, leave the other main search box blank to select all of the records that fall within the selected date range. In the example below, we have requested all records collected between the 1st of January 1997 to the 1st January 1998.

Review records date search function

The range of records returned when using the date range search method

To then edit the record, you can click on any of the blue text (e.g. the “Public Complaint” blue text in the image above) and you will be taken to that particular record, where you can edit it as you wish. Below is an example of a record selected from the Record Review list.

Review record - selected record view

Selected records are displayed in a new web page

Selected records allow modification of any information associated with that record.  If records are changed, make sure you save the record afterwards to ensure the changes are reflected in the database.