Getting Started

This page covers how to get started with the Atlas of Medical Entomology, including:

Request a login

To get started with the Atlas of Medical Entomology website, you will need to obtain a username and password for the site.  These logins must be created for you by the Medical Entomology team in your State.

To obtain a login for Western Australia, please email the team at

To obtain a login in Victoria, please email:

You can also request an account by clicking on the “Request an Account” link that is present on the login screen for the site.

Medical Entomology login page - Request an Account

Request an Account circled in red


Once your request has been received and approved, you will be emailed your login details.  These login details will work on both the website and the mobile apps.  Further information on the mobile apps is contained in a separate page, while this page focuses on the website.

Please note: the Terms and Conditions and Privacy for the site that you should be aware of prior to requesting a login. By Logging in to the system you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy statements that govern the Atlas of Medical Entomology.  These can be accessed by clicking on the blue text “Terms and Conditions” or “Privacy” links.

Medical Entomology login page - TandC and Privacy

Links to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy statements can be found here


Logging In

Once you have your username and password, you can log into the web site.  Firstly, go to the main website at this address:

In the top of the window in the blue header you will see a “Login” link.  Click on this to be taken to the login screen.


Login menu

The Login link

You will be required to enter your username (which is separate from your email!) and password as shown below.


The login form for the site

By signing in with your username and password, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy statements governing this website.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to the Dashboard view of the Atlas of Medical Entomology, where you can start to use the system.

Forgotten your details?

Your account will be tied to an email address – you will need to know this email address in order to proceed from here.  If you have forgotten which email address is tied to your account, then please email the Medical Entomology team in your State:  WA:, VIC:

Don’t forget, all staff within a single Local Government Authority are provided with the same username and password and you may not be the only person using this username.  When you change the password you may need to inform everyone in your team that the password has changed.

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the link on the login screen that reads “Forgot your password?“.

Medical Entomology login page - forgot password

Forgot your Password link

This will start the process for recovering your password, firstly by asking for your email address.  Type your email address into the form on the screen (shown below) and press the “Reset Password” button.

email_confirmThe reset password form for the site

Once you have entered your email and clicked on the button, the system will send you an email with password reset instructions.  This form will also notify you that the password reset instructions have been sent to your registered email address through a small notification (shown below).


The confirmation dialogue for resetting your password

Please note: that if the email address you entered is not in the system, you will see this confirmation dialogue anyway – this is a security feature to stop people from identifying that a particular email address has been registered.

If your email address is registered in our system, you will receive an email with a link in it to reset your password.  Click on the link in your email to access the “Enter New password” form.  You will be asked to enter your new password and to confirm your new password (the two passwords must match to proceed).


The form for entering your new password

Once your new password has been entered, you will receive a notification that the password has been reset, as shown below.  Don’t forget to notify other staff within your Local Government that you have reset the password as all users within a Local Government will use the same username and password.  By changing the password, you are locking other users from your LG out of the system.


The successful dialogue for a password reset

You can then log into the site by clicking on the “Log In” button – as outlined here.